10 Ways to Increase Your Site Crawl Rate

by Administrator 11. August 2011 10:07

Regular and frequent visits by the crawler is the first sign that your site appeals to Google. Thus the most efficient way to get frequent and deep crawls is to develop a website that search engines see as important and valuable.

Note that you can’t force Googlebot to visit you more often – what you can do is to invite it to come. Possible measures to take to increase the crawl rate may include:

  1. Update your content often and regularly (and ping Google once you do) – well, an obvious one, so not much to describe here; in a word, try to add new unique content as often as you can afford and do it regularly (3 times a week can be the best solution if you can’t update your site daily and are looking for the optimal update rate).
  2. Make sure your server works correctly: mind the uptime and Google Webmaster tools reports of the unreached pages. Two tools I can recommend here are Pingdom and Mon.itor.us.
  3. Mind your page load time: note that the crawl works on a budget – if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages.
  4. Check the site internal link structure: make sure there is no duplicate content returned via different URLs: again, the more time the crawler spends figuring your duplicate content, the fewer useful and unique pages it will manage to visit.
  5. Get more back links from regularly crawled sites.
  6. Adjust the crawl speed via Google Webmaster tools.
  7. Add a sitemap (though it’s up for a debate whether the sitemap can help with crawling and indexing issues, many webmasters report they have seen increased crawl rate after adding it).
  8. Make sure your server returns the correct header response. Does it handle your error pages properly? Don’t make the bot figure out what has happened: explain it clearly.
  9. Make sure you have unique title and meta tags for each of your pages.
  10. Monitor Google crawl rate for your site and see what works and what not:

crawl rate via Google Webmaster tools

crawl rate tracker

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How To Ask GoogleBot (Google) To Crawl Your Site

by Administrator 11. August 2011 09:50

How can you induce GoogleBot into crawling your site.

Although there is no magic shot that guarantees inducement of the crawl you can always increase your chances of that crawl in a few ways.

  • Submit a Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Make sure you have plenty of links pointing to your site from pages that are already in the Google index
  • Build out a real sitemap for users
  • Make sure you have a search engine friendly site
  • Increase the crawl rate at Google Webmaster Tools to "Faster"

I am sure there are many other ways to help induce a crawl, but here are just a few good ways to do it.

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WordPress Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin

by Arun 11. August 2011 09:43

With the advent of Google Analytics and other JavaScript based solutions a lot of webmasters have lost the ability to easily analyse log files to see how search engines are interacting with their site. Update: A new version of this plugin compatible with WordPress 3+ is now available here. Google Webmaster Central offers a nice graphing feature so you can see the crawl trends but there is no way to access meaningful data. Studying crawl rate is hugely important because it helps you find out which pages are trusted most by the search engines (especially Google). The more Google trusts a page the greater the frequency it will re-visit that page. If you build a few deep links and see your crawl rate for the target page suddenly increase you can be confident that the links are highly trusted and that you should try to get some more. Today we are releasing a plugin for WordPress that allows you to track crawl activity for MSN, Yahoo & Google from your dashboard. Access crawl data for 3 main search engines See the exact times a spider accessed any page on your site Monitor your crawl rate over time Discover how crawl rate is related to PageRank Download the plugin here.

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Facebook Page Design

by Administrator 9. August 2011 11:29

Using Facebook advertising media your company can Connect with Real People


Facebook has quickly evolved itself as a leader in Social Media and has responded efficiently to the needs of both users and marketers and hence became vital part of internet marketing strategy for businesses.  We believe they are wisely balancing the two to enable users to not only connect in a meaningful way with friends, but also with brands that too with local/ geo targeting techniques. Today businesses can choose gender, age group, location and many more segments to strategically target their campaigns. As a part of internet marketing strategy, it has become very important for businesses to have their presence on Facebook and create their own network.

Facebook Pages open a whole new channel for customer engagement, branding, communication, and viral word-of-mouth marketing. The demographics of age and income are climbing rapidly and making Facebook the “killer app” for marketers who want to reach key target audience.

Facebook Fan page Strategy Consulting

Overall, integrated Facebook campaign strategy development

Creative Fan page Design
Effective Facebook page design that increases brand awareness, fan members and sales

Strategic inputs

We will provide strategic inputs by discussing and brainstorming ideas to maintain a successful brand page on Facebook

Custom Programming
Integrate the functionality to provide an interactive experience that engages

Best Practices Guidance
There are many features considerations to be aware of, to avoid and to implement

Other Features your Business’s Facebook page can have are:

We set up your Facebook business page to include following:

  • Designing an Facebook  page incorporating corporate branding and company information
  • Adding interesting content (Photo/Video/Links) on Wall
  • Adding News of the day to keep fans updates
  • Sending notes to fans
  • Updating your fans
  • Synchronising your blog feed and Tweets on Fan Page
  • Adding apps to your Page
  • Conducting Polls, Competitions and Promotions
  • Adding Keyword rich content to enhance SEO strategy
  • Engaging Fans on Discussion Board / Wall by brainstorm ideas
  • Promoting your Page with events
  • Promoting your Page with social ads
  • Promoting your Page outside Facebook
  • Installing RSS feeds on Fan Page
  • Measuring Page traffic

We are a full service search engine marketing agency based in Mumbai and provide complete internet marketing solutions including social media Optimization (SMO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). To know more about our services or to claim your free SMM analysis, fill up the contact form or email us on info@technowebmart.com.

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How to find a Web Design firm in your area?

by Administrator 20. June 2011 15:17

In this article I will give advice and tips of where to find a low cost website design company and also about the best ways of producing a cool website.

How many people or companies are advertising their services for web design?

The answer is a great deal. They surely can not all be asking for huge sums of money to build and design quality websites. There must be some who offer cheap, affordable websites.

If you think about a company or person who is just starting out, they have not got a very large portfolio of previous work and clients to show, and in this situation are likely in these early days to offer you a competitive rate. Once they become more established they will then no doubt increase their prices.

To find these companies which are just starting out, I would advise looking on auction websites like ebay, looking in Yellow Pages, looking in newspapers such as a paper we have here in the Midlands called bargain pages. Looking on the internet on search engines and asking family and friends is also other avenues to explore.

Once you have found a company you need to think about the content for your website, the colours and also about graphics. Do you want it have flash design? These are all things to think about.

You then need to think about hosting, who will host your website? It may be worth asking the web designer if they can recommend a host.

Then once you have had your site built you need to promote it. Building up a regular and constant stream of backward links is very important as this will result in your website obtaining a higher page rank and more visitors.


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Hire Interspire developers for Interspire development and customization

by Administrator 20. June 2011 14:23

Creating a creative e-commerce website is not always effective, and may not help you gain any benefit unless it actually conveys the message or target the potential customers in the manner it should be doing. If you have an ecommerce website, then you need to understand the fact that every ecommerce business has different needs just like real life brick and mortar businesses. You may get shopping cart software, but at times getting shopping cart software is not just enough to run your ecommerce business. Along with this you need to know how to use it and this is where many individuals and companies find it intricate or even tricky to use, which ultimately results in the total wastage of precious time.

Today where Interspire is one of the best ecommerce shopping cart applications available in the web and features some of the most unique SEO friendly structures, but yet when it comes to implementing unique look, modifying features or altering the structure, the application may appear very tricky. Therefore, it requires proper attention and should be handled professionally by expert web developers, so that existing structure doesn’t get disturbed. These days, there are many e-commerce development companies that are offering Interspire website customization services.

The key profit of getting assisted by these e-commerce web development companies is you can have a proper Interspire website development. Being empowered with experienced and talented Interspire developers, these companies actually carry a good proper knowledge of interspire features, working style and thus capable enough in offering that unique look that in turn can make it work as per your business plan. Moreover, these experts may at times also enhance your products to be quickly and easily searched by your online customers as well.

Perhaps the major advantage of Interspire customization service is it enables you enjoy the personalized appearance of the shopping cart according to your requirements. Adding to this, you may get every single page layout and design customized to meet the requirements of your online business. In fact, the best advantage it actually provides is a complete management of an online business from a single web-based administration area. Apart from all these, if you are still unsure about availing Interspire web development and customization service, then you better make your mind very clear as it even provides you opportunity to enjoy some of the key benefits, like:

  • HTML-and-CSS-only design compatible for personalization
  • Flexibility in settings and options
  • Quick, safe and easy billing system

Today where Interspire Shopping Cart is an all-in-one application that provides you a platform to sell anything online, a proper and effective Interspire customization may further let you have a great looking shopping cart just like any other website design. Though, the only difference you may find is its integrated format as an alternative of a standard html file.

The service like Interspire customization has taken e-commerce website development to an all new level. It has simplified the process of purchasing products or services online. So if you are really looking forward to begin selling online, do not worry! You better take the benefit of Interspire customization and get your custom e-commerce template.

Hire Interspire web development services and get customized E-commerce shopping cart system as per your business needs. At Technowebmart , we have a dedicated team of Interspire developers with a deep knowledge of interspire features, templates, working style and thus can provide you that unique look capable enough to make it work according to your business plan.

For other web development solutions, hire dedicated PHP developers expert in developing customized dynamic websites.

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E-Commerce Sites That Improve Sales

by Administrator 3. September 2010 10:22

Technowebmart offers innovative 100% web-based e-commerce SEO web design solutions to companies that wish to offer their products for sale online. Our SEO e-commerce solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing web design or we can create a new e-commerce SEO web design for you from the ground up. There is no software to install and you can manage every aspect of your e-commerce system from any computer with an Internet connection. Our e-commerce SEO web design services maximize your profit by focusing on increasing your revenue and decreasing your operational costs.

Increase Your Revenue

  • An intuitive, easy to use shopping cart greatly reduces shopping cart abandonment
  • The search engine optimized (SEO) catalog drives targeted traffic to your e-commerce web design
  • Data feed file creation allows you to easily import your products into popular shopping search engines such as Froogle, Pricegrabber, and NexTag
  • Advanced promotional tools drive repeat sales to your e-commerce web design (targeted e-mail campaigns, e-coupons, quantity discounting, powerful affiliate processing and tracking system, etc.)
  • Detailed statistics and reporting allow you to make better decisions about your product catalog and better understand your customer behavior

Decrease Your Costs

  • Order fulfillment features decrease your operational costs (options include UPS, USPS, FedEx live rate lookup, batch processing, packing slip creation, invoice creation, shipping label creation, automated credit card processing, automated inventory management and accounting exportability)
  • Active deployment architecture greatly reduces IT costs (Technowebmart provides all infrastructure, security certificates, hosting and bandwidth requirements)
  • Customer relationship management tools decrease customer service costs (automatically generated customer confirmation and shipping e-mails, customer login areas to check order status and review all past orders)
  • Intuitive product management features allow for quick updates to your e-commerce website catalog
  • Comprehensive web-based e-commerce store administration interface
  • Plus much more!

In order to serve you in the most efficient manner, please complete our short e-commerce SEO web design quote request form, or feel free to call our office at 022-28306040 to speak with a design specialist.

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Hire Php Development with Quality

by Administrator 3. January 2008 02:36

Techno Webmart is web consulting company from Mumbai (Bombay), India. Our services include Open Source Web development, CMS customization, development of e-commerce business for B2C, B2B and C2C Business,Real estate software development, e-learring, online publishing, Web Maintenance & Support, Mobile Development and Intranet Business Applications development.

Our Business Models :

Hire a Dedicated PHP/CMS Developer on a weekly basis :
We will dedicate a expert developer full time to work on your tasks/ projects for a Fixed per Week (40hours). This developer will report to you on a daily basis and will work as per your priorities and take complete charge of all technical issues. This contract can be renewed/Cancelled on weekly basis. In the Dedicated Staff option, the assigned personnel work exclusively only on your projects/tasks. This works like your own staff, only offshore and under expert monitoring.
contact us to hire a developer

Hire a Dedicated PHP/CMS Developer on a monthly basis :
We will dedicate a expert developer full time on your tasks/ projects for a Fixed per Month (Monday-Friday, 40hours/week for full calendar month). This developer will report to you on a daily basis and will work as per your priorities and take complete charge of all technical issues. This contract can be renewed/Cancelled with 7 days notice period on a monthly basis. In the Dedicated Staff option, the assigned personnel work exclusively only on your projects/tasks. This works like your own staff, only offshore and under expert monitoring.
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Hire a Dedicated Developer for Long term Development needs (3 months hire):
We will dedicate a expert developer full time on your tasks/ projects for a Fixed per Month (Monday-Friday, 40hours/week for full calendar month). This developer will report to you on a daily basis and will work as per your priorities and take complete charge of all technical issues. This contract can be renewed/Cancelled with 7 days notice period on a monthly basis. In the Dedicated Staff option, the assigned personnel work exclusively only on your projects/tasks. This works like your own staff, only offshore and under expert monitoring.
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Hire Web Maintenance / Upgradation experts as and when needed :
If you have complete details of what all is needed then we will price it out for you and give you a fixed cost/schedule. Alternatively, We can work on your projects and issues on a hourly basis starting from $18/hour.
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Benefits you get :

right check  Project start time- 3 days from the date of project confirmation.

right check  Flexibility to renew/cancel the contracts on a monthly basis.

right check Large pool of Highly qualified developers with the domain expertise & application    development background.

right check  Availability of extensive code library and project managers.

right check  Team with extensive experience in developing critical web applications.

right check  Developers available over phone, via skype, msn, g-talk, yahoo etc at agreed office hours.

right check  Well versed with English language, so no communication gap realized.

right check  You will be provided with hourly/daily/weekly updates/progress report on the tasks/project     assigned.

right check  Seamless execution of projects with best pricing as if our developers work from your onsite     work stations.

right check  State of the art hardware and software infrastructure.

right check  Best Backup, UAT, Staging practices.

right check  24/7/365 support for business critical applications.

Hire PHP developer

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