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A well designed and user-friendly website is the one of the main key factors in the success of online business. A website represents your brand image on the internet so that you must sure that your website is eye-catching as well as easy navigation. Some websites have great look with ultimate design, but same time they tend to confuse viewers. A website with excellent web design not only looks attractive, but also gets top ranks on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. and drive more targeted traffic to website.

At Kindlebit, we have expert team of talented and professional web designer to bring the latest in skill and technology to work for your business. We strive to offer you an array of modern, innovative, affordable web design services which will save your money and time. Our experienced team always make sure they are able to meet your all business goals in the right time frame.

Salient Features of Our Web Design

Kindlebit offers great variety of affordable, fast, accessible and user-friendly web designing services which help you grow your business worldwide and increase your sales. Our services provide you range of features which are written below:
  • Truly Unique Look
  • Easy and Clear Navigation
  • Powerful Headings
  • Top-notch Quality Work
  • Professional Approach to Every Project
  • Affordable and Ultimate Services
  • 24/7 Support team
Some of our Web Design Services are Listed Below:

Our expert web designer will consider all your needs, preferences and requirements to develop attractive and functional website. Our ultimate web designing services are:
  • Static Web Design
  • E-commerce Web Design
  • Customized Web Design
  • Dynamic Web Design
  • Flash Logo Design
  • Website Re-designing
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design

Our expert and professional web designers, offer the highest quality work at a very competitive rate. If you are looking for excellent and reasonable web design services visit on – www.technowebmart.com. Start your website with us Today!
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Google Adwords – A Powerful Advertising Tool

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Google Adwords is one of the most important and powerful Pay Per Click advertising program that can drive targeted traffic to your website within a short period of time. It is the best and cost effective way to promote your services and products online and increase your website popularity. A properly structured campaign with right bid can improve your ad ranking in Google adword. Google Adwords can easily boost your website traffic through the keywords or key phrases you have selected and also have the ability to convert your traffic into sales.

 If you are just starting your business, but you don't have any knowledge about how to promote it and you are rather afraid to spend a big sum of money to pay advertisers, then Google AdWords is the best option for you. Google adwords will promote your business online in short period of time and will raise your sales revenue instantly.

Most important factors for successful Google Adwords Campaign
  • Know the main objective of your campaign
  • Select Right Keywords
  • Create a powerful ad
  • Create good landing page
  • Set A Right Bid
 A well-designed Google AdWords allows you to track conversions, and you have control over how your ads reach your target audience. Google adwords offers an array of advantages, which are written below:
  • Fast and Proper Feedback
  • Complete Control On Budget
  • Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Reduce Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Conversions Tracking
  • Save Precious Time
  • Improve Results Over Time

If you are planning to promote your business within the shortest period of time, then you should consider hiring A professional and qualified Google Adwords Agency to manage your PPC ads or to act as a consultant.


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.Net Development, ASP .Net Development, Custom Web Application Development, Sharepoint Development

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Techno Web Mart helps client's to design, develop and integrate applications and solutions based on the Microsoft .Net platform.Techno Web Mart .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full capability of Microsoft .NET functionality. ASP.Net is the Microsoft programming language that allows for the rapid development of powerful web applications with benefits of .Net framework.

Our experienced software coders, developers, programmers work with you to understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft .NET framework and develop the system to the requirements.

Techno Webmart, has the expertise with Microsoft technology like as ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, C# .Net Web Development, VB.NET, We provide latest technology solution with Microsoft .Net technology.

We developed numerous .Net, VB.net, C# and ASP.Net applications ranging from shopping carts, content management systems, ASP.Net forums, ASP.Net newsletter, ecommerce applications and database driven Financial applications.

We have vast experience in asp.net application development. We have got big achievement with large scale web application development with ASP.Net Development using C#. We are a Software development company which Outsource software development services to the worldwide. We have experienced.Net developers which are creative to develop complex business software / solutions. We have team of Software developer which can use latest technology and always enable to serve world class services for Software development. We also capable of creating interactive application with using latest technologies like as AJAX , Silverlight, WCF and WPF.

.NET offers many advantages that translate into accelerated development time, lower costs and greater maintainability.

Benefits of Development in .NET

  • High speed of development
  • Availability of cross-platform migration
  • Increased productivity
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library
  • Relatively short learning curve for developers
  • Easy configurations of applications and security.
Some of our expertise on the .NET framework includes the following :
  • Develop Web based service application.
  • Net 3.5 Development.
  • Web Services, SOAP, WSE, SOA, UDDI, AJAX.
  • Developing applications.
  • Contacts Management System.
  • Job Portal application.
  • Web Portals.
  • Web logic portal.
  • .Net Architecture & Design Evaluation
  • .Net Custom Control Development
  • Application Migration
  • Develop Desktop application.
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
  • .NET Compact Framework(2.0 and 3.0).
  • E-commerce storefronts.
  • Development of .NET custom controls.
  • B2B and B2C Portal.
  • Matrimonial Portal.

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.net Development

Facebook Improves Photo Feature

by Administrator 27. August 2011 07:38

It is an incredible number; The 250 million photos that get uploaded to Facebook every day. Imagine that: 250 million photos. That’s a lot and some Facebook users must really be active in this regard.

The current photo viewer on the social networking site has caused lots of controversy since its introduction. Facebook users who did not like the photo viewers interface or functionality at all may be glad to hear that Facebook changes the layout and functionality of the Facebook photo viewer once again.

The company introduced the new features on the official Facebook blog. To sum it up: Three core changes are introduced in the new photo viewer.

Photos can now be shared with a resolution of up to 960 pixels in width, which does not look like much on first glance when compared to the existing solution of 720 pixels. Take a look at the photo below to see the difference in action.

facebook photos

Even better: Despite the increase in size, loading times of photos have been cut in half. Photos on average should load now twice as fast as before which means that Facebook users can access larger resolution images faster on the site.

Photos that have already been uploaded by the user will automatically be displayed in the new higher resolution.

The third and final change is a new photo viewer which on first glance looks a lot better than the current viewer. The new viewer puts the focus on the image. Instead of displaying the image on a black background, it now displays on white which is a lot easier on the eyes.

The clean interface is still displaying comments and other options (like tagging) below the photo on the photo viewer page. Here is a sample shot.

facebook new photo viewer

I personally like the new photo viewer and the fact that photos now load faster on Facebook.

The features are currently being rolled out to all users. It make take a few days before you get access to them in your account.


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47 Percent of Small Businesses Use No Social Media Only 12 percent call it a "must." 14 percent say they don't know enough about it.

by Administrator 22. August 2011 05:26
social media That’s according to a just-released survey of more than 300 businesses with fewer than 250 employees conducted by Opinium Research and sponsored by Hiscox, a small business insurer. Of those that do use social media, Facebook led with 19 percent, followed by LinkedIn at 14 percent, and Twitter at 4 percent. Only 12 percent described social media as a “must,” saying they use it daily. Twenty-four percent say they do it when they have time, and 14 percent say they don’t know enough about social media. So what do they do instead? Mostly non-virtual networking. Half of all respondents said they could not do without word-of-mouth referral, and 40 percent said it is their main way of acquiring new business.

MTNL and Akmin Technologies launches Mobile Website Builder Plus Service

by Administrator 11. August 2011 10:36


Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) has launched Mobile Website Builder Plus service in partnership with Akmin Technologies. This lets the users to create a website easily from their mobile phone or PC and it doesn’t need any plugins or downloads. The users can also update the site further by add forms, upload videos, photos. 

The Kake Da Hotel website is the India’s first mobile website created on a phone using the Mobile Website Builder Plus service in just 5 minutes

This service costs Rs. 75 / month and you can subscribe by sending SMS MSITE to 55012 from your MTNL connection. You will get the web address of the Mobile Website Builder site along with user name and password. After that you can log in from your mobile phone or PC to create the site in simple steps. The created site can be viewed from all web enabled mobile phones or computers.

How to use Google Webmaster Tools

by Administrator 11. August 2011 10:33

Web crawl errors

Web Crawl errorsOn opening Google Webmaster Tools I select a site. If you do that, the first thing you see is the diagnostic tab, with in it an overview of the latest web crawl errors Google encountered. This is the first thing I check out, as it provides very important data on the current status of the site. If you have a lot of URL's that are either not found, unreachable, or timing out, you should look in to those and fix them. URL's that aren't found might be caused by people linking to you making an error in typing the URL. You could either ask those people to change that URL, if you know who is linking to you like this, or 301 redirect the page that Google didn't find to the correct page. Be sure to check out all errors, and make sure you click all URL's to see what happens.

The crawl rate

The second thing I look at is the crawl rate, linked in the menu on the left under tools. In this page, you want to see this box:

Crawl rate

You want to be sure that Google does not want to crawl your site faster, if it does, you can put it to faster. If that's the case though, chances are that your visitors aren't experiencing a fast site either. So you want to speed up your server, or get your hosting provider to speed it up.

Above this box is an overview of the Googlebot activity over the last 90 days. Check out the graphs that are hidden underneath the links, and make sure that the number of pages crawled per day and the number of kilobytes downloaded per day isn't going down drastically, but also don't obsess over slight downward movements. You also want to make sure the time Googlebot spends downloading your pages is "stable".


The next tab is the statistics tab. When you open this, the first thing you'll see is a table showing "The PageRank of your pages in Google", and a table showing the page with the highest pagerank for the last three months. I don't think this data is very interesting, especially because PageRank is only shown as High, Medium, Low or "Not yet assigned". If these things change heavily though, and you weren't expecting them to change, you might want to take a look at your IBL's.

Something else in this tab is a lot more interesting, though you might have gathered this data using other tools. Under "Page analysis", there are two tables showing the common words for both your site's content, and the common words in external links to your site. If you consider that the anchor text used for links towards your site is a very important factor in your rankings, you understand that this is an important table to have a look at. Any keywords that you're targeting that aren't in there? Perhaps you should think about your link building strategy again...

The Links tab

The tab with, in my opinion, the best information in Google Webmaster Tools for an SEO is the links tab. This shows an overview of all the pages on your site which Google has found links to, and the amount of links it has found to these pages. Clicking on the number next to the page URL shows the specific page Google has found the link towards that page on. If you use the extension I created, Google Webmaster Tools External Links++, you will also get the anchor text for the link and the PageRank for the page linking towards you.

I use this data regularly to check on which links Google has indexed, and how many links I have gathered with my new tools, link-bait actions etc.


If you use Google Webmaster Tools like this regularly, you'll be aware of any (indexing) problems with your site in time, and have a thorough understanding of how your site is doing. Make sure you add this to your weekly routine!


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Google Search Engine Optimization

10 Ways to Increase Your Site Crawl Rate

by Administrator 11. August 2011 10:07

Regular and frequent visits by the crawler is the first sign that your site appeals to Google. Thus the most efficient way to get frequent and deep crawls is to develop a website that search engines see as important and valuable.

Note that you can’t force Googlebot to visit you more often – what you can do is to invite it to come. Possible measures to take to increase the crawl rate may include:

  1. Update your content often and regularly (and ping Google once you do) – well, an obvious one, so not much to describe here; in a word, try to add new unique content as often as you can afford and do it regularly (3 times a week can be the best solution if you can’t update your site daily and are looking for the optimal update rate).
  2. Make sure your server works correctly: mind the uptime and Google Webmaster tools reports of the unreached pages. Two tools I can recommend here are Pingdom and Mon.itor.us.
  3. Mind your page load time: note that the crawl works on a budget – if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages.
  4. Check the site internal link structure: make sure there is no duplicate content returned via different URLs: again, the more time the crawler spends figuring your duplicate content, the fewer useful and unique pages it will manage to visit.
  5. Get more back links from regularly crawled sites.
  6. Adjust the crawl speed via Google Webmaster tools.
  7. Add a sitemap (though it’s up for a debate whether the sitemap can help with crawling and indexing issues, many webmasters report they have seen increased crawl rate after adding it).
  8. Make sure your server returns the correct header response. Does it handle your error pages properly? Don’t make the bot figure out what has happened: explain it clearly.
  9. Make sure you have unique title and meta tags for each of your pages.
  10. Monitor Google crawl rate for your site and see what works and what not:

crawl rate via Google Webmaster tools

crawl rate tracker

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Google Search Engine Optimization

How To Ask GoogleBot (Google) To Crawl Your Site

by Administrator 11. August 2011 09:50

How can you induce GoogleBot into crawling your site.

Although there is no magic shot that guarantees inducement of the crawl you can always increase your chances of that crawl in a few ways.

  • Submit a Sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Make sure you have plenty of links pointing to your site from pages that are already in the Google index
  • Build out a real sitemap for users
  • Make sure you have a search engine friendly site
  • Increase the crawl rate at Google Webmaster Tools to "Faster"

I am sure there are many other ways to help induce a crawl, but here are just a few good ways to do it.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Page Design

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Using Facebook advertising media your company can Connect with Real People


Facebook has quickly evolved itself as a leader in Social Media and has responded efficiently to the needs of both users and marketers and hence became vital part of internet marketing strategy for businesses.  We believe they are wisely balancing the two to enable users to not only connect in a meaningful way with friends, but also with brands that too with local/ geo targeting techniques. Today businesses can choose gender, age group, location and many more segments to strategically target their campaigns. As a part of internet marketing strategy, it has become very important for businesses to have their presence on Facebook and create their own network.

Facebook Pages open a whole new channel for customer engagement, branding, communication, and viral word-of-mouth marketing. The demographics of age and income are climbing rapidly and making Facebook the “killer app” for marketers who want to reach key target audience.

Facebook Fan page Strategy Consulting

Overall, integrated Facebook campaign strategy development

Creative Fan page Design
Effective Facebook page design that increases brand awareness, fan members and sales

Strategic inputs

We will provide strategic inputs by discussing and brainstorming ideas to maintain a successful brand page on Facebook

Custom Programming
Integrate the functionality to provide an interactive experience that engages

Best Practices Guidance
There are many features considerations to be aware of, to avoid and to implement

Other Features your Business’s Facebook page can have are:

We set up your Facebook business page to include following:

  • Designing an Facebook  page incorporating corporate branding and company information
  • Adding interesting content (Photo/Video/Links) on Wall
  • Adding News of the day to keep fans updates
  • Sending notes to fans
  • Updating your fans
  • Synchronising your blog feed and Tweets on Fan Page
  • Adding apps to your Page
  • Conducting Polls, Competitions and Promotions
  • Adding Keyword rich content to enhance SEO strategy
  • Engaging Fans on Discussion Board / Wall by brainstorm ideas
  • Promoting your Page with events
  • Promoting your Page with social ads
  • Promoting your Page outside Facebook
  • Installing RSS feeds on Fan Page
  • Measuring Page traffic

We are a full service search engine marketing agency based in Mumbai and provide complete internet marketing solutions including social media Optimization (SMO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). To know more about our services or to claim your free SMM analysis, fill up the contact form or email us on info@technowebmart.com.

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