Php Web Design Website Development Company in India

by Administrator 10. September 2011 04:55

Techno Web Mart is the professional PHP and SEO service providing Web Design Agency in India and has become icon of success in the Php Web Development service industry. Company has expert team of Web Developers, Designers and PHP  Web Programmers to provide robust PHP websites and comprehensive PHP solutions.

Outsourcing PHP Projects Development to India is becoming popular because Offshore Web Developers have got an outstanding experience in Custom Web Development, PHP Website Design, PHP Web Programming and Designing.

Talented and expert  Web Programmers India, enthusiastic website professionals, Php Website Designers, expert PHP Web Development have brought out India in outsourcing PHP development market. These developers use PHP MySQL for different types of dynamic  web applications in order to modify handy module accessible source code of custom application or modifying as per their client requirements.

We are highly qualified and professional Web Developers India, Php Website Programmers, Php Web Designers team in WeTheDevelopers  has fruitfully delivered many Php Web Designing Website Development Projects to Corporate Clients in USA Canada Africa UK Australia Europe and in India as well.

Main Benefits of PHP Projects Outsourcing to a Company with experience in PHP Web Development in India are cheaper development cost, lower Web Application Development time to carry multiple mysql databases using least amount of resources.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Website Development

by Arun 3. September 2011 09:47

By outsourcing web development, the business requirement of existing web application can be met in a more effective manner. It can considerably reduce cost by eliminating the need to hire full-time website design professionals.

It also enables to meet new challenges and opportunities more effectively.

Web maintenance services are very competent to meet any additional growing requirement or customer demand in more efficient manner.

Economic services and timely solutions can be bonus of outsourcing website development processes to other companies.

They can also help to maintain existing website and applications by updating them and putting accurate information on the websites.

Other benefits which can be expected by outsourcing website development services are updation of new content, enhancing existing applications, search engine optimization of the website, bug fixing and backup of constant technical support.

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WordPress Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin

by Arun 11. August 2011 09:43

With the advent of Google Analytics and other JavaScript based solutions a lot of webmasters have lost the ability to easily analyse log files to see how search engines are interacting with their site. Update: A new version of this plugin compatible with WordPress 3+ is now available here. Google Webmaster Central offers a nice graphing feature so you can see the crawl trends but there is no way to access meaningful data. Studying crawl rate is hugely important because it helps you find out which pages are trusted most by the search engines (especially Google). The more Google trusts a page the greater the frequency it will re-visit that page. If you build a few deep links and see your crawl rate for the target page suddenly increase you can be confident that the links are highly trusted and that you should try to get some more. Today we are releasing a plugin for WordPress that allows you to track crawl activity for MSN, Yahoo & Google from your dashboard. Access crawl data for 3 main search engines See the exact times a spider accessed any page on your site Monitor your crawl rate over time Discover how crawl rate is related to PageRank Download the plugin here.

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