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Using Facebook advertising media your company can Connect with Real People


Facebook has quickly evolved itself as a leader in Social Media and has responded efficiently to the needs of both users and marketers and hence became vital part of internet marketing strategy for businesses.  We believe they are wisely balancing the two to enable users to not only connect in a meaningful way with friends, but also with brands that too with local/ geo targeting techniques. Today businesses can choose gender, age group, location and many more segments to strategically target their campaigns. As a part of internet marketing strategy, it has become very important for businesses to have their presence on Facebook and create their own network.

Facebook Pages open a whole new channel for customer engagement, branding, communication, and viral word-of-mouth marketing. The demographics of age and income are climbing rapidly and making Facebook the “killer app” for marketers who want to reach key target audience.

Facebook Fan page Strategy Consulting

Overall, integrated Facebook campaign strategy development

Creative Fan page Design
Effective Facebook page design that increases brand awareness, fan members and sales

Strategic inputs

We will provide strategic inputs by discussing and brainstorming ideas to maintain a successful brand page on Facebook

Custom Programming
Integrate the functionality to provide an interactive experience that engages

Best Practices Guidance
There are many features considerations to be aware of, to avoid and to implement

Other Features your Business’s Facebook page can have are:

We set up your Facebook business page to include following:

  • Designing an Facebook  page incorporating corporate branding and company information
  • Adding interesting content (Photo/Video/Links) on Wall
  • Adding News of the day to keep fans updates
  • Sending notes to fans
  • Updating your fans
  • Synchronising your blog feed and Tweets on Fan Page
  • Adding apps to your Page
  • Conducting Polls, Competitions and Promotions
  • Adding Keyword rich content to enhance SEO strategy
  • Engaging Fans on Discussion Board / Wall by brainstorm ideas
  • Promoting your Page with events
  • Promoting your Page with social ads
  • Promoting your Page outside Facebook
  • Installing RSS feeds on Fan Page
  • Measuring Page traffic

We are a full service search engine marketing agency based in Mumbai and provide complete internet marketing solutions including social media Optimization (SMO), search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). To know more about our services or to claim your free SMM analysis, fill up the contact form or email us on info@technowebmart.com.

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