47 Percent of Small Businesses Use No Social Media Only 12 percent call it a "must." 14 percent say they don't know enough about it.

by Administrator 22. August 2011 05:26
social media That’s according to a just-released survey of more than 300 businesses with fewer than 250 employees conducted by Opinium Research and sponsored by Hiscox, a small business insurer. Of those that do use social media, Facebook led with 19 percent, followed by LinkedIn at 14 percent, and Twitter at 4 percent. Only 12 percent described social media as a “must,” saying they use it daily. Twenty-four percent say they do it when they have time, and 14 percent say they don’t know enough about social media. So what do they do instead? Mostly non-virtual networking. Half of all respondents said they could not do without word-of-mouth referral, and 40 percent said it is their main way of acquiring new business.

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